Friday Oct 1st
Portland, OR

We arrived in Portland the day before the show and hung out with an old friend who took us to Multnomah Falls. It's a 620 foot drop waterfall overlooking the Columbia River. After some photo ops we took a hike up the trail and deeply enjoyed not only the breath-taking visuals but the breath-cleaning air. As most of us are L.A. residents, the breaths of fresh air were quite revitalizing.

As the sun set we decided to head back to town where we picked up some awesome authentic Mexican food sold from a small camper trailer. It was a surprise to see fully permitted food vendors in vintage campers but apparently it's a wildly hip phenomenon in the Portland area and there's even a sort of mini-roach coach trailer park where you can feast on a vast array of cuisine.

We were impressed and inspired to know this as these seem to be very appropriate technologies as repurposed, low cost, low tech, small scale devices designed to serve local human needs. It felt very trans-apocalyptic, seeing what looked like a futurisitic gypsy trailer serving some of the best burritos we'd ever tasted.

Later several of us went downtown to a goth club to enjoy another part of the dark music spectrum .

We had breakfast at the Tin Shed, the food was delicious, they played good goth music, and even had a menu for dogs!

The night of the show we had our first run of the whole merch/gear set up drill. Everything went smoothly, nothing was left behind and everything seemed to be well planned.

Our seasoned merch roadie Mandy worked her magic to proudly display our many shirt, patch, backpatch, and pin designs along with our cds and vinyl.

Ben's mid-sized death-metal trap kit necessitated the obligatory briefing on which parts to screw off the rack clamps, the stacking order of the cymbals, etc. so that other band and crew members could help cut down with the otherwise 30 minute set up/tear down time of the kit.

It was our first set with our fill-in bass player Vern from Minneapolis, MN and our bro Shawn who joined us to help on the crew but more importantly to help with Native drumming and singing on our tribal intro song Land Keeper.

With little practice all together before leaving L.A. we were happy to hear and feel all the parts snap together and click musically. It felt like our unit was strong and well selected for this journey.

All the openning bands rocked: Fugue, Adelitas, Order of the Vultures, and Nux Vomica.

We were sad to hear that Satyricon would be having its last show at the end of the month, but luckily Jeff who booked our show there said they'd be moving to a bigger location and continuing the legacy. We look forward to working with him again at their new spot.

Saturday Oct 2nd
The Morgue
Seattle, WA

For us Seattle is always an awesome place to be. We love its ocean and trees. For some reason it feels like home.

It was a pleasure to play at this well run d.i.y. venue. It had a lot of character and characters running around and seemed to serve both the diy punk/crust and the underground black metal communities well.

There were as many inches of hair as cone studs which usually means a good night for Resistant Culture. It was a well attended show with lots of love, anger, and spirit exchanged between the band and the crowd.

Thanks to all the awesome opening bands:

Scorched Earth
Shaded Enmity
Forest of Grey
Nekro Morphosis

The next day we took a ferry ride to one of the islands and on the way back also visited the Tenzing Momo herbal shop at the Pike St Market for some of our needed supplies.

Thanks to Dallas for hooking up the show and Lonny for hosting us at The Morgue!

Tuesday Oct 5th
Rapid City, SD

On the way to Rapid City on Crow Nation lands we encountered a museum of the Battle of Little Bighorn complete with opposing Chief Sitting Bull and General Custer statues.

Later, after a bit of van trouble causing us to get a 200 mile tow directly to the venue, we made it just in time for our set (we strongly recommend touring with at least one AAA Premium Membership!)

We rocked the house for our favorite type of crowd, the kind where there is no division, little to no elitism, and just a collective sense of joy that there's something awesome to do for a small town scene. The metallers, punks, goths, and all manner of true freaks and geeks were present. Though a smaller head count then the bigger cities, the amount of love and support we received while playing and after the show at the merch table reminded us that you can never judge a tour stop by its population size. It was well worth going the extra mile to play in Rapid City. We recommend it to any up and coming and established underground punk/crust/grind/metal act.

Jerry Hatrick is the go-to guy. He booked the show, hooked us up with his eggplant parmesan specialty, a great place to stay, a half day's worth of volunteer auto-mechanic work along with a hook up with a local shop, and if that wasn't enough, he jumped in the van as a tour guide bringing us to the Crazy Horse memorial. It's the largest stone sculpture project in the world that will ultimately depict the classic image of Crazy Horse charging into battle atop his horse with his arm outstretched pointing forward.

So far just the face has been sculpted, over the next decades the rest of the project will advance to carve out the entire model.

We took a bus tour of the site and made a spiritual offering to the land, the monument, and the people making this happen.

We then ventured into this giant complex of museum halls filled with Native Americana spanning the far reaches of the north American continent.

We wish we could have caught the sets of the opening bands, but we only got to see the last few minutes of the band right before us and they tore it up!

We wish to thank:
The Parasites
Scarecrow Rebellion

After making sure Jerry was stocked up with as many personal merch items as he could want, we headed out and all felt deeply moved by the experience of Rapid City.

Thursday Oct 7th

One of our favorite tour stops is Minneapolis, we've had great times there over the years and built strong bonds with local dedicated members of the underground community both young and old.

It's considered to be the original mecca of the crust subculture in the U.S. We're told it's ebbed and flowed over the years but it seems to have a strong scene again now.

Classic bands like Misery and Assrash are back in action and new crust bands upholding the tradition of roots crust such as Cognitive Dissonance are adding to the legacy.

We rolled into town early in the morning and were greeted with smiles and refreshments from our friends Gary and Kalleah, their house-mates, and Dolche their English bull dog/pit bull.

Later our bro Eddie came with a load of delicious home-made chili.

As promised and expected the show was packed with anarcho-crusties and metallers of all ages. A few Native metaller brothers from the area brought us wild harvested rice and pizza, it was an honor to receive these gifts.

The first band Varix was a classic punk style all female act delivering powerful percussive songs filled with a strong rebellious attitude. Before us was Cognitive Dissonance, who cross-over crust and trash and get people convulsing with their claws up to driving trash beats, piercing riffs, and intricate break-downs with flurried tom-work.

When it was our turn to go on the rowdy crowd was blissfully hammered and pulsed and waved in unison to the blast and d-beats. The sense of oneness between the band and the crowd was deeply moving, though at times too moving, to the point of almost getting knocked over and getting burned by cigarettes.

Overall the first week was a lot of fun, very successful, and a relatively smooth transition back into the road life. After some acclimation to the mission everyone's having a great time and all systems are in a groove.

Saturday Oct 9th
Apocalyptic Crust Fest 4
Chicago, IL

The Chicago Apocalyptic Crust Fest has established itself as the premiere annual gathering for crust bands and fans in the U.S. We've co-headlined the fest for the last three years.

Chicago has become one of the country's most flourishing crust/punk/metal communities. The scene is highly sophisticated and well organized. It's like a human ant hill scurrying with bulleted, spiked, studded black denim clad crust metal punks flowing through an integrated network of collectives, bands, fans, diy spaces, punk houses, auto mechanics, cooks, screen printers, artists, politicos, and more.

There's a pride taken in the underground music subculture that's quite rare. Every time we approach the city a sense of security surrounds us. We know we'll be treated as honored guests.

As a band we try to embrace everyone and dissolve genre boundaries not just musically but socially as well. At our shows we try to make everyone feel at home. With the goal of encouraging the growth of resilient communities, we can seem a bit strange to those who expect a band to come off as cold, macho, and uncaring. It's always invigorating to play in Chicago where our intent is not only understood but actually manifested in many ways. It's not just a dream or a vision of unity and peace, in Chicago, great efforts have been made to make these ideals into realities. Of course it's on an going process, but unlike many other places, the long process has begun here and has sustained itself for many years now. It's great role model for up and coming scenes and jaded burnt out scenes alike.

Back to this year's fest, we were stoked to experience yet another highly energized crowd who came hellbent to sing along, head bang, circle pit, stage dive, and crowd surf. No b.s., no violence, just positive cathartic aggressive release.

It was awesome to play with our home town bros Phobia and to play with anarcho trash/grind greats Drop Dead. Unfortunately we weren't able to make it to the first two days of the fest but we want to give props to all the bands that opened for us on Saturday:

The Skuds
Doom Siren
Anti Social Degenerates
La Armada
Morbid Obesity

Tuesday Oct 12th
Bohemian National
Detroit, MI

Apocalypse is a popular theme these days. Many people think the end of the world is near. The tragic comedy of this millenial meme is that for the most part it denies the reality that apocalypse is more often a spatial than temporal phenomenon. In other words, it's not a matter of when, it's a matter of where. Iraq is largely a post-apocalyptic landscape, so is the Cherynobl site in Ukraine, along New Orleans, the Gulf of Mexico, and countless other places. "The end of the world as we know it" is usually a localized end, it doesn't necessarily mean the entire planet is laid to waste in one single event.

Detroit is one of America's most apocalyptic cities. What was once the backbone of the U.S. industrial economy is now a rusting corpse. For those who are concerned about the current recession, Detroit may appear to be a futuristic city foretelling the destiny of many more urban landscapes where the economy has collapsed.

What's very interesting about this unique city is that it exemplifies the old adage that in crisis there is opportunity. There are many efforts to revitalize the community not only by green-washed gentrification schemes, but more importantly by grass-roots peoples' movements. Groups such as Evolve Detroit, Detroit Agriculture Network, Detroit Summer, and Midwest Permaculture are hard at work actualizing the Resistant Culture lyrics: "Beneath the Concrete the Green Future Lies..."

We showed up at the venue at night and hit the road immediately after so we didn't get to see much of the cityscape. The only impression we got was from the crowd at the show. People were very receptive and warm towards our presence and we felt a deep shared understanding that now's the time to start growing our own food, coming together to support each other, and making long term commitments to our individual and collective food, water, health, energy, and security needs.

We're thankful for all the bands who rocked before us:

Full Scale Panic
Live to Kill
Voice of Anger

And to Thom of Defiant Culture productions for hooking up the show and for the great discussion afterward.

Wednesday Oct 13th
Hexagon Space
Baltimore, MD

This show was at an awesome art gallery space that we'd actually played a few years back when it was under a different name. All the staff were super nice and appreciative to have us there. We were able to connect with our bro Jason who went above and beyond and helped distribute our tour fliers around town before the show.

Thanks to Jeff for hooking up the show and rocking the house in his grind band Marrow. Thanks also to Dry Cloud for opening.

Thursday Oct 14th
Millcreek Tavern
Philadelphia, PA

Our Philly show was much anticipated as we'd been looking forward to meet Kim Kelly of Catharsis PR who we've been working with us in our tour promotion efforts. You're reading this right now thanks to her help in getting the word out about the tour! Cheers Kim! She put together a great show for us. It was well attended, all the opening bands shredded, the sound was great, the sound man was super cool, and the house was well run and well set up for bands. We try to stick to all ages venues for the most part but for a place that lacks solid venues sometimes it's a compromise you have to make. Thanks to Kim's hard work it didn't feel like a sacrifice, it was a great time and successful show. Sorry to all our underage fans, hopefully we'll see you next time.

Cheers to Cop Problem, Unrest, and Abserdo for opening!

Friday Oct 15th
Lake Underground
New York, NY

We love New York! We have a tourist circuit that we always run when we're in the area including various parks and restaurants. We've developed a tradition to hit up an awesome Cuban restaurant in Jersey City, our waiter immediately recognized us and shouted "California" from across the place. It's nice to have those little auxiliary connections around the country.

After we ran our course we arrived at one of the coolest and most unique diy venue operations we'd seen. It was a typical Brooklyn style long narrow apartment building unit, but the largest area was converted into full on club style area. Normally you see this kind of club commune set up in warehouses so it see it done this way was really cool.

The crowd response ranked a perfect 10 as a large number of people knew the words and the song structures and would sing along and rock in time with the changes. If there's any measure of how great a show is, it's definitely by the level of engagement people have with your recorded material. In New York we were flattered to know we have a lot of love, we always share our love and appreciation with the crowd. We've also established a lot of great friends in the scene there over the years. It was a true honor and pleasure to finally play with Death Mold who we've been friends with for years but have never gotten on the same bill. They're one of New York's most tight, brutal, and solid acts in the crust/grind/punk scene.

It was an honor also to play with Atruth, Chris from EastRev's band. He set up the show for us and has done a great job in working with us over the years. Similar to Chicago there's a level of commitment to the scene and the community that goes beyond just throwing a party with bands playing. They really do their best to put together solid events and take care of bands.

We're thankful also to Sei to Shi for opening.

After the show we went over to Kim Kelly's (Catharsis PR) pad to discuss the ways in which she may be able to work with us on our goals.

It's was a very deep and meaningful conversation because it went way beyond just brainstorming on marketing strategies, record labels, tour packages, and the usual indy music industry stuff. We were able to focus on the visionary and transformative objectives of the band. We talked about the role of social/political/ecological consciousness in extreme music and our intention to not be elitist and preachy while trying to sell an ideology rather to encourage people to lead themselves and find their own truths.

We also discussed our goal to create a musical common ground for people of all ethnicities and members of all shades of the metal, grind, crust, and punk scenes on the inherent basis that we’re all descendants of tribal societies and all of our ancestors once knew a way of life that was closer to nature and more sustainable and harmonious. Few within the many global extreme music subcultures are interested in struggling to become independent and autonomous from the modern establishment. Still fewer are interested in rebuilding tribalistic communities. Many would consider it “hippie-ish”, however we’ve found that in both the anarcho-punk/crust and folk metal genres there’s an awakening to the consciousness that we’ve all been robbed of our birthright to live in what could be called tribal autonomy where your culture takes care of you rather than exploits you, and where you’re able to have personal and group level self-determination.

We shared with Kim how the band is working hard to find open-minded visionary people of all kinds who share the love of extreme music and a sense of urgency and responsibility to confront reality and take whatever personal or political actions they feel necessary in their heart to change their lives and state of the world for the better.

Saturday Oct 16th
Providence, RI

We've had amazing shows at As220 over the years. It's a restaurant, bar, gallery, venue combo that seems to be the perfect environment to attract dedicated fans, hipsters, diners, partiers, and passers-by. It's kind of a bazar of nightlife activities on a main drag which is always fun because you get to play for and meet all kinds of different people that aren't segmented into specific music cults.

We got to play with some awesome bands including a sludgy band, a crust band, and a black metal band. It was a great mix of styles and everyone enjoyed the diverse musical array.

Thanks to Rob for hooking it up again and to the opening bands:

Bog of the Infidel
Misanthropic Noise
Tongue Dynasty

Sunday Oct 17th
The Gutter
Somerset, NJ

We have an affinity for New Jersey and had a show fall through so we decided to book this show on short notice, none-the-less it was packed and we had a blast. It was one of those house party shows where it's total chaos, but when you can play a set that brings people together and provides a focal point for people's energy and attention it can really be powerful and amazing despite being blinded by that lone light bulb in the ceiling that never has any kind of shade on it.

Thanks to Josh and the Unmen for hooking up the show and for tearing it up!

October 19th
Volume 11 Tavern
Raleigh, NC

The Volume 11 Tavern was, as we suspected, an overt reference to Spinal Tap and Nigel Tufnel's Marshall head that "goes to 11". The venues staff t-shirts even said, "It's One Louder!"

It was awesome to play at a place that really represents the metal subculture and isn't just ambivalent towards whatever type of acts roll though. This was a dedicated metal establishment. They had tour shirts from bands up all over the walls, metal posters, tons of metal show flyers, and lots of people in boots, camos, and long sleeves.

Laura, the promoter there was true metaller to the bone. We really appreciate her vibe, personality, and work ethic. She hooked us up with Chinese take-out and drinks, put together a great line-up, and made a tough week night show into an awesome experience.

October 20th
The Get Down
Asheville, NC

Asheville had been known to some of us as the Eugene of the east coast, meaning it's thought to be a Mecca for alternative eco holistic radicals into green politics, self-sufficiency, alternative energy, permaculture, solar power, herbalism, anti-authoritarianism of all kinds, etc.

Immediately upon entering the city limits we saw signs of co-ops, healing centers, etc. we were stoked to have easy access to resources that are pretty abundant in L.A. and throughout the west coast but not so much in the east and mid west.

We stocked up on health foods and medicines then headed over to our new friend Sam's house to hang out with him, Barry the show promoter, and a handful of their friends and eat the best homemade chili, corn bread, and collards in the world.

Immediately we felt at home with these kind people. So much love, care, and generosity was flowing through the place, and this feeling went beyond the house, it seemed to be intrinsic to land. There are many scientific and mystical belief systems that describe different types of "energy fields" on the planet that seem to elevate human moods and spirits. Whatever anyone may think of it, it's all about the feeling. You know it when you have it, and we all felt it. It made a lot of sense to us why such a flourishing eco scene had developed there.

After the food and first wave of introductory conversation, we had to rush to the venue and set up. Luckily we were able to catch both opener sets.

Ataxia, which was Barry's band played their first show ever, they put on a good show and they will definitely be the band to hold down the crust metal fort in Ashville, NC

Pox Americana was an awesome old school type trash punk.

A film crew made a mini production of our set and we're looking forward to checking it out.

We hung out some more that night and the next day and really got to connect with the folks there. They’ve done a lot build a d.i.y. scene that supports not only music and touring bands, but perhaps more importantly their own lives and their own path towards self-sufficiency and independence from the industrial system. There’s nothing like being in a punk house that’s evolving towards a homestead. We wish we could have cancelled the rest of the tour and just set up camp their forever!

October 22nd
The Broken Neck
Austin, TX

We were stoked to be playing with Doom Siren again in Austin. There were lots of different types of party animals there. It reminded us of our old hometown d.i.y. punk warehouse venue called "The Long Beach Warehouse".

Thanks to Gus for bringing us an amazing home cooked falafel, humus, Spanish, rice and salad meal!

Thanks to the opening bands:
Doom Siren
Sunken Wreckage
The Replaceables
Enemies of Inertia

The next morning we stopped by Mark from Doom Siren's place. He booked the show and had some cinnamon rolls waiting for us. We settled in to hang out for a while and were impressed with Mark's urban homesteading operation. He and his family are a very inspiring part of the resistant culture that the diy punk movement has been promoting over the last few decades.

Resistance isn't always in the form of confrontation, resisting the poisons of industrial agriculture by growing organic food, resisting the poisons in the municipal water supply by water catchment and filtration, resisting the mass media produced culture by making your own d.i.y. culture, these are all forms of resistance that don't involve combat, and are part of peaceful daily life.

October 23rd
No Thanks Fest
Emory, TX

We were supposed to headline an outdoor fest in Emory, Texas. As we approached the site we noticed a swarm of lurking sheriff cars at a gas station and several more strategically parked at the entrance to the road leading to the fest. After circling back a couple times to find the sign marking the road we were pulled over, cited for an out tail light, and actually given directions to the fest.

We followed the directions and made it several miles into the middle of nowhere when we encountered a quarter mile mud slide. We slid about 50 feet and luckily were able to pull off into a field before getting completely stuck. While planning our next move several of the squad cars rolled in and parked up the road. Several officers got into a truck and drove towards us, then stopped and idled about 100 feet behind us for about 10 minutes. Finally they started towards us and just went past us without a word. Two of them were standing in the back and flashed a light at us, but they made no attempt to help us or even communicate.

We were unable to get any of the organizers on the phone to let them know our location and situation and we assumed at that point that the cops were raiding the fest.

We decided to get the hell out of there and head to the next show. Minutes later a downpour started. We knew we made the right decision. We hate to disappoint fans, but we were in danger on many levels. Heavy rain, dirt roads, mud, etc., things that don’t mix well with a 15 passenger van.

October 24th
The White Swan
Houston, TX

Houston’s show was at a bar on a week night in unknown territory. We tend not to take shows like that but the promoter was excited to have us and promised a successful show. Unfortunately Houston doesn’t seem to have a strong enough support base for us at this time So any Houston fans, please stoke the fires there if you want to see us back there soon, hopefully we can do an all ages show next time.

Thanks to:
Chocolate Fetus
Murder Plot
Sublime Prophecy

October 26th
Blast O Mat
Denver, CO

Denver has become one of our favorite U.S. stops. The Blast O Mat is one of the best d.i.y. venues around. They’ve got great sound, a great community, and a great vibe. We were able to connect with some personal friends, make lots of new friends and play with some awesome bands. Clusterfux tore it up!!! So did Sea of Bones.

Josh from Clusterfux invited us to his place for a home cooked meal and we made a connection of hearts and minds as we discussed different prophecies, predictions, and survival strategies for the future. It’s always awesome to have meetings of the mind with people that take the time in their lives to develop awareness and consciousness of the time of shifting ages that we’re in.

On the way out of town we went to Illegal Pete's ( restaurant and redeemed our coupon for free meals for everyone in our crew. They have an awesome program where they support touring bands with a meal in exchange for promotion via the band's social media websites. They have awesome Mexican food and they also have charitable programs that support indigenous rights groups. Definitely check them out if you live in Colorado or are passing through.

Wednesday Oct 27th
Salt Lake City, UT

This show was moved last minute to a cool d.i.y. art space, luckily it was still packed. Unfortunately we got set back with a minor van problem and we were only able to see Yaotl Mictlan. We’re really glad we caught them though as they’re an amazing black metal band with traditional Mexican tribal elements so we made for a good match.

Some of our biggest fans came. Native folks we’ve developed connections with online for years and finally had the chance to meet. After the show we formed a circle and showed respect for the land, ourselves, each other, and all our relations in a ceremonial manner. We always cherish the opportunity to nurture those bonds and it means everything to us to be able to help provide fuel for the inner fires of our native fans, and to all those who share a common vision of working towards tribal autonomy for all peoples.

Thanks to all the openers:

Run with the Haunted
Doomed to Extinction
Vale Madre
My Right
The Mooks

Thursday Oct 28th
Las Vegas, NV

Our brother Mike of Blatant and Alarido, technical death metal and brutal grindcore respectively, hooked us up with a killer show at Yayo’s. It was a Mexican restaurant ( that caters to vegetarians and meat eaters) well set up for all ages shows. It was a packed house and all the bands and fans were great. There was a real sense of community and celebration. People really feel our message and music there and it really helps us open our hearts during the set and in hanging out afterward.

Thanks to all the openers:
Life’s Torment

Friday October 29th
Gilman St

Playing Gilman Street is a tradition for us, we have many good friends and fans that have been with this band almost since the beginning. The bay area is very unique in the country in that it’s still a real hotbed of radical activity so of course we feel that we belong there. Our boy Dee always comes up on stage to give us a warm welcome. Cheers to him for always fighting the good fight! And cheers to our boy Art who’s always there to help and represent for the tribal nations!

The crowd had more of that tough guy element then we’re used to and hence there was some type violence which we always try to discourage and avoid. We made it out alright though and enjoyed the night as much as possible despite the unsettling vibes.

Thanks to:
Attitude Adjustment
One in the Chamber
Dirt Squad